Top 5 cost effective ways to heat your swimming pool

Many pool owners really enjoy the experience of warm pool, the cost of heating the pool can be weighty. There are five methods to lower the cost of heating a swimming pool. Many swimming pool companies including Riverina Pools has the options.

Using solar as primary heat source

Solar heating is basically free. This is done when the pool water is pumped through the peak summer months by circulating filter and then through the solar collectors, where it is heated before it is returned to the pool. When the climate is hot, the collectors can also be used to cool the pool during the water through the collectors at night. The disadvantage of solar is that it rarely meets the needs for a full season of heating demand or it fails, due to the nature of its design, to provide heat fast enough or when the sun isn’t shining or cloud cover.


Wind creates ripples and small waves on the surface of the pool. Ripples and waves on the pool increase the surface area of the water and accelerate the losses from evaporation. Any pool environment that is shielded from the wind will be great in reducing heating cost.

Controlling evaporation

Any pool heated by any means will lead to evaporation. Most of heat is lost by evaporation method which may amount to 75%. The use of pool blankets reduces heat cost. There are three types;

Safety blanket: It is heavy duty vinyl blanket. It is a blanket completely covers the pool and bears weight of a child who accidentally enters the pool while playing.  The other safety feature is it contains evaporation to a near zero rate. Excellent for safety and proficiency.

Floating blanket: It is a thin vinyl sheet with tiny air bubbles, thin bubble wrap on a large scale. It is exceptional in heat retention through the prevention and evaporation.


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Liquid blanket: The blanket poses no security, is easy to use, and it’s not expensive, it also carries the lowest level of effectiveness. The application of the liquid blanket is done by pouring it into the pool at a specified rate per square feet surface area of the pool. It is non-toxic and will not have a negative effect on the pool filtration system. It creates a molecule with a thick layer on the surface of the water. This then slows down the rate of evaporation. The performance is affected by wind speed at the surface of the pool as well as water features that break the surface of the pool creating pool surface agitation. While it is the least effective of the three types of blankets, it is far better than doing nothing.

Using Heat Pump Pool Heater (HPPH)

This is most billeted by setting the control for filtration system to operate during the warmest time of the day. Heat pump pool Heater performs the function when the water flow is supplied by the filtration system. Heat pump pool heater runs when filtrations system runs. When filtration is running at its warmest time of the day heat pump pool heater will operate at its optimum co-efficiency of performance.

The pool temperature set point 

The warmer the pool is heated, the higher it will cost to keep it warm. Each degree rise in temperature compare to an approximate of 15-18% increase in operation cost. So a minimum temperature should be set to avoid rise in cost of operation.

Use the mentioned methods to heat your pool to prolong your season and enjoy a dip. Choose a method depending on what is available to you   to make it more cost effective.