The trains of the future

In an ideal world, everything would work with solar panels.

There are already yachts, cars, houses and so on that work with 100% solar, so I do not see a reason why this should not happen with trains and rail mobility vehicles as well

It’s so true that solar panes need a lot of raw material to be created, but once created, you set and “almost” forget, maintenance free so to speak.

India is aggressively focusing on solar powered trains and as you can see in the below image, these are real trains. You probably all know that india’s people rely heavily on trains as a means of transport

It makes sense to invest in solar means of transport. This will not only serve the people better, with less running costs and less pollution but it is a sustainable way of living and a great example to our future generations

There might be people who do not want this to happen because they are making billions out of the oil industry, but people are starting to get smarter and with all the social media going on, there has never been a better time to promote such campaigns.