Are electronic cigarettes prohibited on trains

Can You Use Electronic Cigarettes and E-Juice Legally On A Train Ride?

Trains are great transportation, and if you have never taken a train ride to your vacation destination, I highly recommend doing so. This last holiday season, I had the privilege of doing so with family on a trip right before Christmas to New York. Now I’m a smoker, and being familiar with the trains, let me tell you what you need to do both about smoking and using electronic cigarettes when you are on a long train ride.  Here’s an article you can ready about smoking in trains in UK

Obviously, you’re not going to start smoking a cigarette on the train. That would be against the law and hasn’t been allowed for decades. If you are a smoker, you might be wondering if you get smoke breaks. When does the train stop? It actually stops more often than you might think. However, not every stop is a smoke break. Are you carrying an electronic cigarette with you to offset having to wait for a smoke break? If so, you’re going to want to know that you can’t use vaping devices on the train either.

Of course, if you think about it, it is a lot easier for people to get away with using a vaping device than a cigarette. So surely there are people who vape in the bathroom or in between rail cars when people can’t see. You can get in trouble if you get caught though, and they really do watch for people breaking the rules. If you’re a smoker or like to use vaping products, the best news so far is that every couple or few hours, you will get to smoke a cigarette.

As mentioned, I was little concerned beforehand about the train ride being a smoker. However, I relaxed and actually found that the train ride was one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole trip. Of course, I also had great company, and that made all the difference. What type of train ride are you planning to take? I really don’t think you will have much to worry about not being able to vape on the train.

It might be disappointing to hear a rule like that about vaping, but you’re in close quarters. You will soon be on a smoke break and can vape or smoke, whichever you like. For me, it was standing outside the train smoking a cigarette before it departed again. I even got to guard the train while the conductor and crew were filling up on fuel. It was an interesting experience, my first and only time on a train so far.

Since it was just a few months ago, I can tell you that the rules as I have explained them to you are current. To find out if anything changes, you just have to keep on checking in from time to time on the rules listed on the main website. You might not be able to use electronic cigarettes, but you will have a fun ride and want to ride the train again, at least I did.

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