Evolution of the Cell Phone

Once upon a time, there lived a cell phone that only made and received calls. (gasp!)

Granted, that was before the evolution of cameras, Bluetooth, touch screens, on-the-go Web browsing and all sorts of other battery-draining cellular activities.

And despite the toll these applications take on our cell phone’s battery life, we haven’t looked back.

In memory of the fallen phones before us, Third Rail takes a look at the evolution of the cell phone.

Old phones1983-84: Motorola DynaTAC. Who could forget Zack Morris in “Saved by the Bell” sporting his Motorola? The show wouldn’t have been the same!

old phone

1989: Motorola MicroTAC. Thou shall flip!

1996: Motorola StarTAC. A small improvement on the “flip,” but seemingly mirrors some sort of clam-shaped contraption.

old phone

1998: Nokia 5110. Members of our family may be guilty of previously owning said phone.

old phone

2000: Nokia 3310. Proving that antennas were “so 90s”.

old phone

2003: Nextel Push-to-Talk. Are you a fan of having everyone privy to your conversation? You’ve met your cellular match.

old phone

2004: Motorola Razr. Welcome to the world of bedazzled cell phones and cases.

old school

2006: BlackBerry Pearl. As models have changed over time, so did Blackberry’s use of random nouns as product names. Enter Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, etc.

Apple 1st generation i phone

2007: Apple iPhone. And the world was never the same again.

Although there has been a lot of development to cell phones over the past few years, most of these breakthroughs have been more generational improvements versus entire new designs or operating systems.

The world now awaits the next cellular game-changing cell phone and limit-pushing power solution. Enter: the newly released Third Rail System, complete with Slim Case and Smart Battery for optional power when needed.

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